GMAT or GRE: What is the better choice for you?

You might have heard that many people who take the GRE are also going for the GMAT, or vice versa. You may be thinking about which test is easier, or which is better in case you plan to get your MBA. In case you are wondering exactly what the GMAT is and how it varies from the GRE, then this post must answer all your questions.

Yes, you would get to know about much related to GMAT vs GRE.  Remember that GMAT is the standardized test for Business school. Like the GRE, the test is formed up of a Verbal and Quantitative section. Different from the GRE, the two sections are linked to give a composite score of eight hundred. The GMAT cannot get used in place of the GRE, so except you are going to business school, do not take this GMAT.

Different from the GMAT, which only people applying to business school sit for, the GRE get accepted by many accredited business schools (like Stanford or Harvard). It is not to say all the top business programs acknowledge a GRE score. Always check with the business program to find out which ones accept GRE scores.

Which test is easier: GMAT or GRE?

It does depend on different things.  It depends on who is taking the exam and their strengths. For those having strong Quant skills the GRE math is going to seem easy. The GMAT math is certainly more intimidating. So, if you struggle with Quant the GMAT is going to seem very difficult. On the other side if you struggle with the tones of vocabulary and style, the GRE verbal section could be very difficult. That is not to say that the test of GMAT verbal is easier. But the Sentence Corrections section is a lot of the science of grammar, and the people having logical minds incline to be more adept at swiftly sifting through a muddle of words to find grammatical errors. The GRE Text Completions and that of Sentence Equivalence questions, by contrast, are measuring the art of word usage, which is a skill that most of the humanities majors have been refining for years.

Should you take GRE or GMAT?

Well, for business school applicants, first make sure that your program takes the GRE. If so, see which test better tells about your strengths. In case you are unsure, take a free practice test of GRE an official GMAT test. You can even compare the GMAT scores of MBA programs with that of your achieved score. For the GRE, you can use these average GRE test scores.

In case you score significantly better on one of these tests, then the answer is apparent. In case there isn’t much difference, it would be good if you spend a week getting a feel for every test to see which one blends well with your skill set better.


Thus, since you have a fair knowledge about GMAT vs GRE, make sure that you pick one only after proper understanding.