The Marketing Strategy in Two Piece Rigid Boxes

A 2 piece rigid box refers to a style of product packaging that is used to wrap and transport delicate items like electronics and cosmetics, as well as high-end luxury items like jewelry. 4 times thicker than average packaging material, rigid boxes are used to protect the product and provided an image of quality and strength. A company can design them in any manner that they choose, helping promote the brand. They are highly popular amongst producers due to the quality and safety they provide to their commodity, and amongst the consumers due to the fact that they are eye-catching and can be reused as well.

Regular vs. Rigid:

So now that we know what a rigid box is: the hard, fancy, compact container in which luxury products like mobile phones, haute couture items, and candies are wrapped in, we need to know why is it used and how is it better than a number of different packaging materials available to companies. The short answer would be that they provide protection and adequate storage for any product. But there are other factors that make them popular, for example:

  • Durability
  • Visually appealing
  • Projection of wealth and luxury
  • Reusable
  • Easy customization e.g. custom magnetic boxes


Marketing and packaging:

Marketing refers to the process by which companies promote their products. There are various types of marketing, like in-person marketing, advertisements on media and billboards, schemes and offers, brand promotion or renewal etc. The main purpose of this is to establish a good image of the company and its products, which will boost sales and bring in revenue. It encompasses the company’s sales targets and how will it ensure that it achieves them.

How does product packing come into the process? It is a fairly basic concept. Imagine you walk into a store to buy tea. But you do not have much knowledge of tea and no opinions as to which particular brand you want to buy. So you walk amongst the aisles and look at the dozens of teas displayed. Which packet do you choose? The one that interests you most, the most eye-catching, intriguing and better-presented article, right? Well, that is how packaging works. It influences your subconscious thinking process and guides you into buying am the item from a particular brand.

Working together, marketing and packaging are responsible for motivating a consumer to buy the product. The marketing campaign that might include ads on TV, or promotion through social media sites, or banner and flyers, etc., serves to educate the consumer about a product, establish its advantages over other similar products, and compel the consumer into forming an opinion of the product. You will create an image of the product, depending on the quality and impact of the campaign. The next time you go to buy something, you will go and check out this particular brand, and this is where the packaging comes in. it will create the final impression and make or break the efforts of your marketing team.

Rigid boxes and increased sales:

The right sort of packing will always create the right impression and influence the buyer into making the right decision. The marketing strategy in rigid boxes is the way they make your product more desirable. For example, the flip-top boxes with magnetic catch, create an image of uniqueness and exquisiteness. Let’s look at the ways in which these boxes help making sales easier:

  • Appearance: Visual stimulus matters a lot in sales. If the commodity is aesthetically pleasing, it will definitely be considered by the buyer. The boxes serve the same purpose. With their laminated and glossy surface, they help radiate an image of strength. Strengthened paperboard walls that are embellished and overlaid with creative designs, 3D effects like boughs and flowers, grainy or smooth or silky textures, all are factors that enhance the image of the product and impress the customer.
  • Display: In the effort to make their wrapping creative, producers often forgo the aspect of shelf display. If the packaging does not provide balance and support to the product, then it is highly likely that it will be damaged, either by the careless handling of the display staff, or an accidental touch by a customer browsing the shelf. However, the stable structure of a box-like magnetic closure rigid boxes, will prevent any damage to the product and is also convenient when displaying; a compact and neat display will definitely attract consumers.
  • Going green: the major focus of most companies today is the presentation and production of items that are environment-friendly, owing to the rising concern about the carbon footprint of production processes. 97% of customers today prefer green packaging. And here is how rigid boxes help a company promote a brand image of being aware of the consequence of climate change. Rigid boxes are made from recyclable materials like chipboard, cardboard or paper. No plastic is used to make them. Plus, the fact that they are extremely suitable for reusing, due to their long-lasting nature, also helps the firm to wrap their items in this way, and gain a favorable view from the market, boosting sales.
  • Brand image: the most important aim of marketing is to make a positive brand image of the company. This image is what large companies like Apple, nestle and Adidas, etc. rely upon. So how does a rigid box help portray and promote a company’s image? When a buyer looks at the beautifully designed and designed box that radiates elegance and a touch of product superiority over others, they will definitely be impressed by the class and style of the firm. This fosters a positive perception of the brand, prompting the customer to buy the product, and if satisfied, become loyal to the firm. The consumer will also tell others about the product and help spread the popularity of your brand. This will bring in more sales and the entire cycle will multiply and repeat. And all of this because the individual was impressed by your packaging.

Therefore, we see how marketing and packaging are highly linked. If you are successful in presenting your wares in such a way that the buyer is suitable impacted by, it will not only lead to one sale, but the effect will be multiplied. And once you add in the factor of marketing, you will; successfully ensure more sales and a popular brand loyal consumer base, rising prestige and revenue for the business