Dubai is one of the favorite destination of people all around the world. Though this city is in dessert but the facilities here attracts people. Not only it is a tourist attraction but it is now becoming a business hub as well, as the Dubai Expo 2020 is near. Not only an individual person is coming here to get settled but there is shifting of whole family here. Government of Dubai don’t provide the permanent residence to any person but still with visas people come here to get settle. Even people here buy different types of properties. Different type of property is available for different types of people. Some buy flats, some buy villas, some people who are having more money buy bungalows here. It is up to people how much they want to spend in buying property.

Different types of villas for sale in Dubai are available. Their prices depend upon the location and space of villa. If the villa is located at the posh areas of Dubai, they will demand more money. If the villas are in newly developed areas of Dubai, then there are chances that we can get them on reasonable prices.The most popular space for sale in Dubai are as follows:

  • Dubai Marina: it is located in new Dubai. People here wish to have villas over here as this place is filled up with many shopping places and restaurants. The water front view apartments are very famous among the people. It is not only famous among the families but also the individual singles. This place is also famous for jet skiing and skydiving.
  • Downtown: it is the center of the city and is situated in very posh area of Dubai. Many villas and apartments are available on rent as well as for sale here. It offers many fashion brand shops and many eateries nearby. One of the drawback of having property here is in weekends you have to face a lot of traffic over here.
  • Midriff: it one of the newest community situated behind the Dubai airport. Here you can easily find out variety of apartments and villas for both sale and rent purposes. The community has its own mosque and shopping mall for the residents of the community. The facilities over here attract more people for residing over here.

Dubai now has become an attraction for foreigners to come here and settle in the newly formed areas. People are also buying property here now because of the Dubai Expo, as they want to grab the opportunities that will arise during the Expo and they want to enjoy it. Not only they are buying property, but the property is also available for rent or lease. People who don’t have sufficient money can take the property on rent. Rents of the property also depends upon where the property is located. on an average the rent starts from 50K AED and goes up to 205K AED. High rents provides their residents with more facilities. So it is up to the people who want to buy or take the property on rent.

Apart from all the above guidelines and steps for becoming a property agent in Dubai, one must explore online portals for gaining better insight into the estate world. Real estate agents can enrol themselves at one of the many online property portals for gaining better leads and generating better profits. This increases their overall reach and makes the whole process of buying and selling hassle free. After considering all these factors one can finally close the deal of buying a residential property in Dubai.