Core and Advanced Facts about Fitness Club Management Software

Fitness can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits and it should be recorded daily on fitness software. memberCentrum provides fitness software to all the members of the gym. Regular activity improves fitness and quality of life. 30 minutes a day will be made by this regular health fitness.  Being fitness it may have following properties:  reduce your risk of a heart attack , manage your weight better , have a lower blood cholesterol level , lower the risk diabetes and cancers , have lower blood pressure , have stronger bones, muscles and joints.

The Fitness Management System benefits are frequently getting widespread whether you manage or own an existing fitness centre. A new health club owner or manager, we will provide you with all the necessary tools to begin bringing in new prospects and members to your facility. Our particular training development software will help yourself and your personal trainers increase productivity which thus allows you to focus most of your attention on your clients and members , these for all the existing owners and existing managers.

Fitness club management software helps users manage dance studios, sports teams, yoga studios, martial art clubs and fitness centers. It generates invoices, processes payments and tracks members. Its main point, play a key role which includes account relationship management, custom data fields; risk reporting, gallery management and membership analytics. Tracking expenses, calculates taxes and financial transactions with auto-payment integration are successfully done with the financial reporting module. Attendance broadcasting provides data on which classes are appealing the most members and which classes are not attracting members.

Mobile devices are used by the members and staff to check their attendance manually as allowed by the attendance manager. Customization of their class schedule and providing weekly class support to members are all have an access by the attendance manager. Tracking of membership fees and notifies members with their due payment is taking by invoice management. Invoicing is done on the base of token which allows members to pay their membership fees without logging into their account. Calendar management, customized sign-in page, bar coding, punch card support and rank management are the other features.

Increasing retention of client and member, Booking of Personal Training Sessions, Increased in Revenue of personal training sessions, Maintaining Fitness Program Schedules, Accessible Anytime from Internet Connection, Need to Install, upgrading the software, No Need to Backup Software and Data .

memberCentrum program club management software platforms to enhance operation efficiency and streamline workflows including scheduling, registration, point of sale, billing, payroll, and more. We customize club management software for fitness, health, gym, dance / yoga / martial arts studios, corporate, resort, university, parks & recreation, and other facilities. memberCentrum offers embedded applications, cloud connectivity, and wearable fitness technology software. We program software for fitness equipment with custom screens, personalized training, motion tracking and analysis.