Heart Transplant: One of The Most Successful Organ Transplant Procedures in India


The heart is one of the primary organs of the body. It is a prime source for the blood and oxygen. If there is any issue that associates with the heart, it can prove to be fatal. 

It is possible to treat some of the heart issues with cardiac surgeries while major disorders call for the Heart Transplant. 

Heart Transplant is one of the most complicated surgeries. The success rate of Heart Transplant is high in India because of the presence of the best Heart Transplant Doctors in India

They possess experience of several years for performing the treatment without the complications. 

Not only that, but they also excel in solving the cases that have been rejected by the doctors in other parts of the world. 

If you check the history of heart transplants in India, you will realise that many patients have been airlift to India for immediate cardiac treatment and everyone is served with new life. 


What is Special About Heart Transplant Surgeons in India?

There are a few but experienced surgeons that perform heart transplant surgery in India. Heart Transplant and Lung Transplant are the most complicated surgical procedures. There are only three medical centres that serve successfully in heart transplant procedures in India. 

These hospitals are home to Doctors for Heart Transplant in India. These surgeons possess years of practice and experience of dealing with patients with different levels of complexities, age and disorders. 

Irrespective of all the medical severities, these doctors can help their patients to recover. Most of the patients who underwent heart transplant procedures in India have added a minimum of five years to their life. If the age of the patient is below 40 years, there are higher chances that they live for more than ten years after a heart transplant. 

Now, if we consider the success ratio of a heart transplant in the country, then it is approximately 90 %. It is higher than any other country that provides the heart transplantation successfully. 

The doctors in India keep themselves updated with the latest technology and upcoming techniques of the treatment. 

They try to make use of minimally invasive procedures whenever and wherever possible. It is essential to avoid post-surgical complications in any patient. However, the recovery after the transplant is not the responsibility of the surgeon and the medical team alone. The patient and the family has to take equal responsibility by adapting to the instructions provided to them. 


Final Words:

Doctors for Heart Transplant in India are best in providing a cure for both the children and the adults. The success rate and overall scenario of the treatment attract, maximum medical tourists to the country every year. Now, if you also want to live your life stress-free after the heart failure, plan your treatment under the best surgeons of India. 

In case of any difficulty in getting the appointment or making other arrangements for the treatment, medical tourism companies are here to help you.