Ideas for Celebrating a Long distance Birthday

Be it your parent, lover, sibling, partner, sibling, child or even your BFF, being away and separated by kilometres is usually very hard. What makes it even more harder and difficult is missing birthdays. All that you have on your mind is how you can make their day extra special and even more loved by not even being there. The internet is filled with websites that help you send gift hamper by post, but the important part here is not sending not just any gift but something that holds value and reminds the other person of you. This post is all about ideas that could help you do that.

  1. Surprise! Our daily life is filled with so many unexpected things which are good and bad both. When in day to day you are receiving bills, a bad coffee, a dent in the car or even nothing to watch on TV, a surprise gift that arrives at your doorstep just enlightens your life. So make sure you do exactly that with your gifts.
  2. Prepare a birthday party box: So what if distance has kept you apart and you can’t be with your loved one to celebrate and enjoy the party, send them a party in a box. Confused? Prepare a box with all the small miniatures of a party, like a balloon, a card, some candy, and most importantly a gift. Decorate it bright and shiny like a party and you are sure to make an impression.
  3. Sending a group video: So here we may be a little bent or biased with our idea. There is nothing more special than a birthday wish that comes directly from the mouth of your loved ones, and if this means all The family and friends, the surprise brings endless joy. Even though preparing for this may require some time and some good computer skills but it definitely is an awesome idea.
  4. Go for Advent calendar: It is the one thing that most people are used to these for either Easter or even Christmas, but when they come for birthday is turns out to be a good surprise. These can either be made by hand, by yourself or even be made-to-order.
  5. Food: A great way to make the birthday girl or boy feel special is by feeding them. You could give them all the favourite food that they like or even send a gift card for dining at their favourite restaurant. What makes it very special is sending them things that may not be locally or easily available for them.

These kind of nice gestures can make your partner or BFF happy. Memorable moments can be created with these kind of ideas. There are several gift hampers delivery UK which provide delivery at the lightning speed. You can order your gift hamper and surprise the receiver. So what are you waiting for? Think of great ideas and send a gesture which will be loved by the receiver.