Top 4 eCommerce SEO TOOLS FOR 2020

eCommerce SEO has evolved exponentially in sync with the soaring popularity of eCommerce and all that it stands for, around the world. It is a multi-billion dollar behemoth that shows no signs of stopping and continues to go from strength to strength. To get the best results in eCommerce your SEO campaigns should be working well. You need to have a proper team in place for your SEO requirements or you can also choose to outsource the same to SEO agencies by subscribing to their various eCommerce SEO packages. Regardless of who handles the affairs of your business on the SEO end, the use of eCommerce SEO tools is inevitable and for that purpose, this piece has been put together enlisting the top 4 eCommerce SEO tools for 2020. 

  1. Google Analytics – Anyone who owns a website or is tasked with the maintenance of the same, should be using Google Analytics as it is arguably one of the best and most popular eCommerce SEO tools out there and sits right at the top of our most recommended list of the same. Google Analytics tracks the web activity of the users and allows the users to get comprehensive statistics of how people are discovering, visiting and using their websites. It analyzes statistics and delivers reports that can help a person grow his or her business. It has been used by many business owners and SEO agencies working for their clients to decrypt the many behavioral and activity patterns of their visitors. It is very easy to use this tool to record all the purchases that have been made.
  2. ScreamingFrog SEO Tool – It is a very helpful extension that brings forth a lot of valuable insights concerning the SEO health of a website. It isn’t the best option for beginners, but for people who are well versed with SEO and HTML, it is immensely effective. Upon the use of this tool, you will get a lot of insights relating to the title tags and alt tags of your website. All necessary information that is of critical importance to your website can be very easily found out with the help of this tool. The only failing is it’s the complex interface which makes it troublesome to navigate sometimes, but it remains highly recommended for the remainder of the year and for the most part of 2020.

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  1. SEMrush – By taking competitor research to a different level, SEMrush has emerged as one of the best eCommerce SEO tools available in the market. It is a great marketing resource which boasts of an updated database of over 35 million keywords and keyword phrases. It is very easy to use this tool to find out the keywords that are being ranked by your competitors and then create your content from the insights that you get from this tool. Among the other researches that you can do with the help of this tool are SEO audits, keyword research, and topic research. It is available in various paid plans and all of them are worth every dollar. It is easy to use this tool to find out which keyword, a particular page is ranking for and for that reason along with the other reasons mentioned previously, this is recommended is one of the best tools for the remainder of 2019 and for the entirety of 2020.
  1. Ahrefs – It is one of the most extensively used and user-friendly eCommerce SEO tool which is used by a lot of digital marketers and SEO experts around the world. Its popularity is such that for many, it is the greatest SEO tool ever made! It has a very fast interface, capable of generating results within seconds and further this tool can be used to research competing websites. It’s very effective in generating custom reports and conducting an analysis of competitors and keyword researches. The data generated by this tool can be used by you to introspect why are your competitors ranking for certain keywords and then further brainstorm as to what exactly you need to do to improve your rankings. This immensely effective tool, packed with a lot of rich features that have helped a lot of businesses improve their rankings and it can do the same for you.

Wrapping Up 

SEO is very crucial for all kinds of businesses and especially for eCommerce businesses. eCommerce SEO is a world of its own and the tools, tips, and tricks replete in this discipline have helped a lot of businesses in getting a lot of organic traffic through the years. The aforementioned top 4 tools can come in handy for all business owners and the SEO agencies working for them, for the achievement of all their goals, by improving their rankings and increasing the chances of their conversions. You can use them on our own or get your team to use them and there’s always an avenue of outsourcing your SEO requirements to the experts by subscribing to some of the many SEO services phoenix packages available in the market.