Top 11 Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom in year 2020

While checking around your room, you may feel that your bedroom lacks something. Maybe your decoration has gone off board or you need to add in something more to add that glam quotient to your room. So, what is it that you need in your room to add love, power and a bold energy? While you may think hard about it, but there are certainly a few things which we can suggest to perfect your bedroom decoration for 2019 and to follow the same in 2020. Do not fear anymore as we break down 11 decorating tricks for your bedroom to bring life to it.

  1. Go Crazy For The Patterns: This amazing geometric pattern wall art doesn’t let the size of your room dictate design. Even if your space is small, the crazy patterns and geometric designs bring volume to your room and make it look big and beautiful.
  2. Fun Graphics: A remarkable way to accentuate your room is to use beautiful graffiti prints. Neither too big nor too small, opt for a perfect size art to add value to your room and make it well-designed, youthful, sophisticated and appealing.
  3. Go For Retro Interior Design: Well, retro interior design wall art gives a depth to your room without making your place too crammed. Complement the walls and with a matching paint. This look is great for your bedroom or guest room to make it more Victorian and lively.
  4. Royal Accents: Wish to add royalty to your bedroom, this year! Well, why not begin with a king size bed and ultra-detailed bed frame and to top it all include a beautiful modern canvas wall art to add class to your room.
  5. Love Travelling: showcase it in your room designing: For all those who love travelling, you have an opportunity to show your love for it. Install elegant travel art prints and pictures of your past travels in your room to unravel the traveller inside you.
  6. Muted Red: Well, abundance of red brings in a calming atmosphere in your decoration. If you have love for red color, then going for red drapes with cosy red paints and Spanish mirror long with luscious red wall art will certainly make your room an amazing place to live in for the year 2020.
  7. Bring In Some Traditional Touch With Traditional Paintings: Going for Indian bedding and headboard along with conventional Indian wall prints will prove to an eclectic option. If you are in search for a statement piece, then add a traditional Indian wall print to your plain bedroom. This is true inspiration.
  8. Coordinate Everything: Go for a mixture of canvas wall prints and personalized photo frames to add some personal touch to your room. It will showcase a different side of you. If you have chosen floral 3 piece wall art, then include a photo frame of your family in between and your bedroom will become to most lovely place to stay in.
  9. Complementary Colors: Going for a perfect complementary match is also a great option. Choose abstract wall art and extend the same to your curtains. Mix and match your bed and walls to create a uniquely elegant and colorful bedroom.
  10. More Is Better: Well, in order to add class and appeal to your bedroom décor, you don’t have to be sophisticated all the time. It is equally important to not leave any details. Right from the scarves to framed sketches on the wall and the combination of colors of your bed and walls don’t leave any space for simplicity. Well, it is a proof that even excessive décor can make your room chic and cozy.
  11. Go For A Romantic Décor This Year: So, if you have just got married then why not include some romance to your bedroom. Bring in some red velvets and beautiful flower print to your room. You can also enjoy some artificial flower arrangement for some time. Get a sultry vibe with floral wall art and romantic candles in your room.


We hope that the 11 tricks to decorate your bedroom in the year 2020 will be of good help to you. In order to know more about decoration tips, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.