The India Versus West Indies Series

There are many websites that provide the predictions and data about the ongoing today cricket match so that people can remain up to date with any of the updates in the match. In spite of team India losing the start of the series yet, they have many positives on their side as the way they performed in the tournament. They had recovered very nicely after losing Virat and Rohit in the early innings. The player’s Rishabh and Aiyer did great jobs by regaining the innings as both of them were focusing on a rotating strike. The pair had excellent partnerships throughout the match.

The team could score 75 runs only in the last 10 overs and that was the session where the team lost the match if we consider the performance in terms of batting. The team finished up scoring 288 which was not simple to beat by any type of imaginations. They started well in defense manner. There was one-way traffic. The bowlers of the team failed to put a cover on the scores. The breakthrough was very late and short-lived. Poor fielding and dropping of catches could not help either. The other team of West Indies put the deal with 8 wickets and many over to spare. India was way off initially as per their potential and they never took the things that much seriously. They made some changes to the playing eleven but still people expected from them to field the same way as they did during the first match.

The manner in which the West Indies played in the T20I was the indication that they would come. They also won the 2nd T20I with huge amounts of power. They have been more about the individual brilliance and there was no such shortage till the first match. Many people argue that Hope had played so slow but he had proved for being a perfect take for Hetmyer. Their partnership has ousted India out of the match. They did a partnership to score 218 runs altogether combined for the 2nd wicket. Earlier with the ball the team was too good. They got just 75 runs in the last 10 over and then helped to prove the difference between the 2 sides.

India no often founds them in such positions in which they are today. They are now playing at home ground. They have scored 1-0 in the series till now and are still struggling to be in the series by playing a match. A win for the West Indies in the first ODI has set the series very beautifully. These 2 teams will now arrive at Vishakhapatnam so that they can play second one day international. The match will begin at 1:30 pm. India was hurt by this loss and people have full faith in them and think that they should come back like wounded lions in the upcoming match. The other team is full of confidence and is looking to win the match in order to win the 3 match series then and there itself. The West Indies have opted for a fear-free strategy in the tour yet and they have been brilliantly playing allover.

Indians were left dry at the starting of the game but people still expect from them for bouncing back as they did earlier also. Both the teams are full of youngsters but team India has a greater combination of experience and youth power. Also, the team has a great top order of players that are capable to score good runs no matter what the conditions are. India has been on the better side of the performance-wise in the later times and is not much different when one compares them with the teams on the paper. For these kinds of reasons, the people feel India as their favorite and expect to emerge them on top in the 2nd ODI of series and will keep them alive.

The players just like the T20I series did not get an ideal start but the loss was not a big point of consideration. The team lost by 8 wickets with a decent score of 288 runs in total. The way the West Indies performed highlighted the frailties in the Indian bowling attack. The team was looking well oiled with Hope on the top of the order complimented by firepower Hetmyer, Pooran and Pollard in the middle order.

Contrell is leading the attack very beautifully at the moment and is receiving good support from Holder, Paul and Joseph. India is unlikely to tinker with the top 5. In the last match they were short of the bowling options, not one but both of them. The change is likely to come that there will be Yuzvendra chahal instead of the all rounder spinner Jadeja. The place of Dube is also under the threat. The Indian team has Sharma, Rahul, Kohli as captain, Iyer, Rishabh pant, Jadhav, Dube, Shami, Chahar, Yuzvendra chahal and Yadav.

The West Indies team has the players as hope, Ambris, Hetmyer, Pooran, Chase, Pollard, Holder, Paul, Walsh, Joseph and Cottrell. The West Indies team won the toss. One the basis of scores the top batsman are Rohit Sharma from India and Shai hope from west indies. Top bowlers on the basis of wickets taken are Mohammed Shami from India and Sheldon Cottrell from West Indies. Most sixes are made by Rishabh pant from India and Hetmyer from West Indies. The player of the match title is bagged by Rohit Sharma. The match handicap is India.

Kohli, Sharma and Rahul are in superb form today and will not be much easy to stop them. The team of West Indies has an un-experienced unit of players which can be a deciding factor in the crunch situations. India has a terrific record at Vishakhapatnam and this will help to boost their confidence. This is a must win encounter for the home side and more often they have managed to fight back after being pushed into the corner. The spinners are expected to come into the game very early. The batsmen will be able to score if they apply themselves better. As per the predictions the second match of the series will go in the favor of team India.