Top Merchant Solutions For The Restaurant Industry

Few technologies are as essential to your restaurant as a POS system. Without a secure, flexible and fast-paced point of sales your business can easily stall. Avoid long lines and unhappy customers with the CloverFlex and other top merchant solutions for your business.

Mobile Transactions

Whether you offer table service or counter service, your business needs a responsive POS system to busy times. When lines form or tables are filled, give your employees a mobile transaction solution. CloverFlex is a handheld device that offers wireless, instant card and mobile payment processing.

Your employees can use a mobile POS system to place orders directly at the table and ring up customers wherever they are. If your counter service line is stretching out the door, have your employees use a mobile POS to cut the line in half.

A mobile POS system offers creative solutions to common issues with ordering in a number of restaurant situations. Use your Clover POS system to offer a photographic menu to entice customers with tantalizing appetizers and desserts on your menu. If you have a particularly large restaurant, it’s easy to set up POS stations at strategic points to assist your waitstaff in accommodating all your guests.

Flexible Rewards

Another excellent merchant solution to competition in the restaurant industry is rewards programs. Clover software uses this and other popular merchant solutions to create a loyal following for your business. Connect your new POS system with Perka and offer daily specials, discounts and points toward future purchases. A simple email signup allows you to connect with your loyal customers and offer follow-up emails and additional discounts to encourage repeat customers.

The best part about Clover Rewards is that you’re in complete control. Adjust the discounts, frequency points and redemption options to your business situation. This allows you to offer unique opportunities to bring in business on popular weekend nights or during slow periods of the week.

Innovative Payment Options

At the end of an excellent meal, make sure your customers have an excellent payment experience. Payment technologies allow customers to pay in a variety of ways, so it’s important to keep up with the trends. Here are just a few typical payment options that you can offer with Clover POS systems:

  • Credit card
  • EMV chip cards
  • Cash
  • Contactless payment

Don’t turn away business because your restaurant isn’t up to date with the latest payment options. Offer the convenience your customers love with all the available payment options through a safe, secure system.

Clover POS software uses level three payment certification to ensure your customers’ personal data is safe. This allows your customers to enjoy greater peace of mind that their identity and credit card information is safe with your business.

Fast-Paced POS Options

Keep your restaurant flexible and responsive to customer preferences. Whether you offer fine dining in a bustling downtown location or a quiet cafe scene in the countryside, enjoy the advantages of Booker Clover POS systems to keep you at the top of the restaurant industry. Learn how you can receive this innovative software with no contract and an affordable monthly rate today.