What Are The Top Paying Jobs In Dubai?

The city of Dubai is a paradise for expat workers.  With hundreds of job opportunities emerging every day, Dubai is surely the best place to be in case you are a job hunter. The Emirates of Dubai has grown into an amazing and rich city, thanks to the efforts of both locals and expats.

In Dubai, there are many options for high paying jobs. It all depends on your skillsets and experience in the field.  The following are some of the highest paying and latest jobs in Dubai:

Sales and Marketing Jobs

Sales jobs are in plenty in Dubai. There are chances of earning a high commission in sectors like real estate. Another sales job is in the automobile industry. Dubai is a tax haven to buy cars, and handsome commissions can be earned by the sales force in this sector.

Engineering Jobs

Some of the highest paying jobs in Dubai are in the engineering field. Engineers in the field of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Project engineering earn highly attractive pay packets. The rapid growth of the construction sector in Dubai as a grand and modern city has led to the demand for civil engineers. The latter provide their expertise to the construction of airports, streets, buildings, bridges, and dams. Mechanical engineers serve not only the aviation and automotive industries but also in air and heating systems, elevators, electrical generators, etc. Electrical engineers work along with mechanical engineers, building and designing electrical components as well as in the navigation and telecommunication sectors. Engineering professionals can hope to benefit from the latest job vacancies in Dubai.

Accounting Professionals

Dubai is host to many local and international companies. These require professionals to maintain their financial accounts, and so accountant jobs are in plenty in the city. But there is tough competition in this field, and companies hire only those with experience in accounting and familiarity with database and spreadsheet software.

Medical and Health Care Jobs

The demand for doctors and nurses is high in Dubai. They are found in both the public and the growing private sector. Specialists like paediatricians, neurologists, and vascular surgeons can expect very handsome salaries.

Legal Jobs

Lawyers play a crucial role in the proper functioning of all companies. Hence, the services of lawyers are much in demand in the city, and aspiring lawyers must expect to handle all legal matters related to business.

Teaching Jobs

Jobs in the education sector in Dubai are among the highest paying. The city is the ideal place to pursue a career in teaching. Salaries depend on credentials and experience.

Real Estate Jobs

Grow rich in short time by working in the field of real estate in the city. Being one of the richest places on earth, the city attracts investors from around the globe. Hence, there is much demand for consultants in real estate. They help clients invest properly in properties across the city.

Aviation Jobs

With many airlines like Etihad, Emirates,etc. in the city, there is a high demand for pilots and cabin crew. The aviation industry is growing fast.

Jobs in Oil and Gas

Being the source of 7% of the oil reserves of the world, the economy of Dubai is very dependent on this sector. So jobs in this sector are highly remunerative.