Top 10 Things To Engage Visit And Experience During The Trip To Goa

Goa is a small city located on India’s western coast. This beach city is a tropical paradise that boasts of lush palm trees, crystal clear waters and white sand beach. You can come across rich cultural heritage, incredible history and villas in goa.

Top things to do in Goa

  • Goa Diving: Located At Bogmala Road, Bimtan Beach, this school offers the adventurous first timer courses and PADI certificates. This is a certification for professional scuba diving. They impart the knowledge and art to enthusiasts about scuba diving. One of the major attractions here in Goa is water sports due to the presence of several beaches here. This school boasts of providing certification courses to interested candidates for over 25 years now. Both experienced and beginners can enjoy learning here and get to know the hidden, magical underwater world. It is open from 7am to 4pm.
  • Ingo’s Saturday Night-Market: Travellers in huge numbers are attracted by this market, especially those desiring to buy authentic and colourful products. This bazaar has something or the other for all ages. Local tourists as well as people from all over the country and world come here to find out what Goa’s vibrant culture is like. Some love to shop here and collect memorabilia. Here, you can enjoy live music, open bar and also have tasty food at the stalls. It is located at Calangute, Anjuna Road, Verla, Arpora and open until 12am midnight. Do watch out for Goan Souvenirs here.
  • Menezes Braganza Pereira House: Besides beaches and parties, Goa also boasts of having rich colonial history. Braganza House is one of the popular villas in goa that seem like an amazing story book showcasing Portuguese colonial history in Goa. The two storied building appears inviting and fascinating, with its vintage style and faded walls. All non-Indian owned houses were vacated after the country’s independence including this house. Presently, it has been converted into a private home having plenty of antique collection and furniture brought from all over the world. Get to see the private chapel in the house. It is open from 10am-6pm. It is located at Culsabhatt, Chandor.
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus: It means Holy or Good Jesus. It is also a wonderful spot for people who are interested in intricate designs. Baroque architecture and detailing is what this Basilica is famous for and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This 400 year old basilica has within it a glass coffin, wherein is kept the body of St. Francis Xavier. It is located at Old Goa Road, Bainguinim and is open from 9am to 6.30pm.
  • Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife: This sanctuary boasts of being a serene and calm place. It is a wonderful spot for people seeking peace and wants to spend some quality time with nature. Here, you can find the Indian bison, deer, elephants and leopards. The objective of establishing this sanctuary is to preserve and tend to these species. Bird watchers do find this park a paradise as there are different types of species noticed here. You can arrange private jeeps and explore the lengths and breadths of this park. You can come across more exotic species as you get into the depth of this sanctuary. It is located at NH 4A, Caranzol and open from 9am – 6pm.
  • Big Foot: It is considered to be a treasure house filled with valuable items and artefacts, sculptures and stories. It is located at the centre of Lotoliu, close to World Church, Loutolim. This place is rooted strongly with Goa’s tradition and culture. The objective is to preserve Goan beliefs, lifestyle and ethnicity through art. Local artisans are promoted here by displaying their work. The sculptures put on display at such villas in goa are of special importance. Sant Mirabai sculpture is of great significance as it is considered to be the longest sculpture and has entered the ‘Limca Book of Records’. Several other interesting sculptures are present here that depict Goan people’s lifestyle, customs and tradition. Check out the Souvenir room. It is open from 9am to 5.30pm.
  • Naval Aviation Museum: It is one of the two military museums established in the country and displays Indian Naval Army’s evolution throughout the decades. There are naval aircrafts put up on display like the Sea Harrier, the Seahawk, ammunition and missiles. It is an interesting place to be for aircraft enthusiasts and history buffs. Located in Mormugao, Bogmalo Road, it is open from 9.30am to 5pm.
  • Tropical Spice Plantation: The staffs employed at this plantation follow the traditional method to welcome their guest. They offer flower garlands and apply kumkum on the guests’ forehead. The spice plantation tour takes around 45minutes providing the option to visitors to give the elephant a bath or enjoy its ride. They are also offered delicious, hot lunch buffet served in banana leaf. This place offers unique flavours of Goan culture. It is located at Ponda, Arla Bazar Keri and is open from 10am to 6pm.
  • Boat rides: There are several beaches in Goa that are inviting and offer different types of water sports. Boat rides are the most enjoyed here by people of all ages and those adventurous at heart. You can visit beaches like Panaji, Calangute, Ashwen or Morjun to enjoy the boat rides. Also avail dolphin rides and house boat rides to enhance your pleasure.
  • Viva Panjim: This place is known for its charming, wrap-around, wooden balcony and dark, blood coloured walls, something that is easily noticeable. The restaurant actually is considered to be a traditional side-street eatery having gained fame although it is small in size. The reason for its increasing popularity is because of its home-styled, mouth-watering, friendly menu served at affordable rates. Also combined with the wide range of delicacies is the charming location and having the luxury of enjoying intimate outdoor seating. If you are interested to have some Classic Goan dishes, then this is the place to be. Do order for fresh fish Vindaloo. Located at Panjim, Altinho, this restaurant is always open.

It will be wise to book a package that suits your budget and needs and the best villas in goa for your accommodation.