Experience A Great Travelling Experience In Ooty

Do you love to travel? Do you like that you go to different places and explore new sites? Well, there are so many amazing places in India that you should explore. Have you ever gone to Ooty? You have no idea how wonderful and stunning places there are.

You can easily find out amazing options in places and hotels to ensure that you have a fulfilling experience. For example, if you plan to go to Ooty, you can check out Hotels in ooty and ensure that you have a good experience. If you are not really sure about ooty then here are some points to convince you to go to ooty.

You can visit Impressive Doddabetta Peak

Many of you may have heard much about   Doddabetta Peak right?  The place has to offer various types of rhythmic and exciting sites to its visitors. The place lays at an altitude of nearly 8,650 feet and makes it the highest peaks in south India. The destination also offer trek spots and myriad of tranquil and picturesque sites to private wanderers. Don’t forget to pack a wonderful pair of field glasses for enhancing your experience.

Don’t miss out Wonderful Botanical Gardens

These Botanical Gardens is spotted at the hills of the Doddabetta peak. The terraced garden is managed by the Tamil nadu horticultural society. It includes an area of twenty two hectares. The best time to go to this place is anytime except the time of monsoons.  In case you love to go on walks then you can have it in profusion at this place.  You can experience a first-hand experience of this beautiful place through walks. These wonderful gardens are a living and colourful gallery of the stunning natural flora of Nilgiris.  The swaying flowers with their fragrances would fill you with pleasure. Moreover, in case you are a shutterbug then it is going to be a great delight for you.  You can take the perfect shots therein and satisfy your photography desires.


Flying above the town center, the spotless St. Stephen’s was constructed in 1829. It is the most conventional church in the Nilgiris. It encompasses lovely stained glass, massive wooden beams towed by elephant from the palace of Tipu Sultan. As a whole, the church possesses a pleasant atmosphere and a heavenly feeling of peace that comprises the house of God.  You should keep this spot in your go to list. When you visit this spot, you will not just get the divine charm but also a great experience.


To sum up, it is time that you check out the top hotels in ooty and ensure that you have the best experience during your visit to Ooty. It is not going to disappoint you in any capacity. No matter you want to travel alone, with a partner, with kids, friends, colleagues, or friends; ooty is going to get you a fulfilling time. You can make memories that will get you a bag full of enjoyment, cherished moments, and sites.