What is the right solution for Safe Home? GUARDIA Wallpaper is the Answer

The pandemic has made people more addicted to wireless devices such as Laptops, Smartphones, Wi-fi, and more. They are looking for things that ease their work, reduce stress and build an environment of high electromagnetic radiation emitted through these devices. Many people are already suffering from the Electric Hypersensitivity disease that causes skin irritation, weak immune system, allergic reactions, and body pains. A vast crowd is not aware of these radiations as they are invisible to the naked eyes and being in such an environment will lead to significant diseases in the long-term.

What is electrosmog?

It is non-ionizing radiation that is human-made pollution in the form of electricity. People cannot see or feel it, but it can cause damage to the body. The primary sources of such harmful radiations are:

  • Mobile phone
  • Bluetooth
  • Radar
  • Wireless internet
  • Home appliances like the air conditioner, rice cooker, refrigerator, and microwave
  • Electrical towers
  • GPS
  • Radio
  • Electric Wiring
  • Battery operated equipment

Radiations from these can be harmful to your family and affect their lives. People suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity might have symptoms such as headaches, skin issues, and sleep disorders. Things that wallpapers should provide are:

  • Protect them from electrosmog
  • Prevention of Radio Frequency Identification interferences between the sales and storage in retail spaces

What is a simple method to measure radiation in your place?

Some research does advise mobile devices to manage their connection performance and receive sensitivity based on the current environment.  Instead, use a professional measuring device to measure the level of wall shielding in the place. These tools will help you understand the radiation level and make sure that your home is a safe place.

The future will have product labels that are converted from the traditional codes to the modern RFID tags. Data transfer will be done using high-frequency fields that have a limited range. The GUARDIA wallpaper handles the RFID interference as it is equipped with electromagnetic shielding.

How can you protect your loved ones?

The easiest solution is wallpaper shielding against RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. As wallpaper experts, Guardia is a sophisticated wallpaper capable of blocking 99% of the electromagnetic radiation from your environment.  The main idea relies on providing relief from the EMF radiation while sleeping or spending more time near such items. Some things this wallpaper can handle are:


Your Wi-fi, cordless phones, Television, radio, surveillance, and more wireless accessories spread mobile communication waves. These high-frequency emitting devices are handled using this wallpaper and protect your family from various diseases.


Some of the live cables in the wall that connect electronic devices and have high-voltage lines that link to transformer stations.

Guardia is used to shielding the home from electromagnetic radiation using the research facilities. It is an advanced method of covering the wall to protect from the harmful radiations of magnetic fields, mobile phones, and wi-fi generated through the power supply lines integrated into the wall. The wallpaper material has carbon fibres, which can block about 99% of the Electro-Magnetic Field’s radiation.

How do you use these wallpapers on the Walls?

  1. Cut up a sheet of wallpaper
  2. Apply glue on the selected region
  3. Paste the wallpaper on it
  4. Ensure there are no gaps between the wallpaper stripes
  5. Recheck once more, as any small opening can be a way for the electromagnetic radiation

Things to remember

It is easy to apply this wallpaper to the floor and ceiling. Partial shielding is excellent to make your living space safe from harmful radiations, and it can be resolved using minimal effort. Identify the place where the EMF radiations originate, which is essential to know the perfect place to apply this wallpaper. The wallpaper should be applied to the ceiling to avoid the radio waves from the upstairs and adjacent walls if needed.

It isn’t necessary to apply the Guardia wallpaper on the windows and doors as it forms a cage. Some textiles have shielding material like certain curtains, windows, and doors. Apply the advanced wallpaper and get a safest space to ensure a happy future without any harmful diseases. The best part is it can be painted and patterned to beautify the place as per your interests.