Flaunt Your Contemporary Look This Wedding Season!

Is there a wedding in the family? And you are super excited about that. It is a matter of utmost joy when there is a wedding in a family. That’s when we get to spend time with the family working together for the wedding. The wonderful thing is we would be able to meet all our friends and relatives, whom we generally can’t meet. The celebration of a wedding is filled with joy and fun and a lot of work. Nevertheless, it is also time for a lot of shopping. It is the time to flaunt your fine gold jewellery. We rarely use jewellery these days apart from any special occasions. So, when such occasions come, pull out all your collection from your jewellery box and adorn yourself for an outstanding look. A necklace adds charm to your face increasing your glow. On this occasion, you can try and match your neckpiece with other jewellery like earrings, a brooch, a tiara or a pendant.

If you feel this is the time to upgrade your jewellery, or you want to present a piece of gold jewellery as a gift for the bride and the groom, visit this page. To your surprise, you will find a wonderful collection of jewellery starting from a Maang tika to a neckpiece, earrings, bangles, bracelets, simple chains with pendant whatever you want. And your hunt for the perfect piece ends here providing you with a sea of collections. Some of the various designs of the necklace are mentioned below-

  • Bib Necklace- These types of the necklace are in trend now. These will give you a bold look. They are made of different metals like gold and silver. As these covers most of your chest, it gives a grand and glamorous look.
  • Chain Necklace- These are very popular and common. They can be single-stranded and double-stranded and have many layers. This chain necklace is available in numerous types like-
  • Anchor chains, bead chains, box chains, byzantine chains, cable chains, curb chains, heart chains, omega chains, rope chains etc.
  • Choker necklace-these are generally worn close to the neck. They blend with all types of attire, whether formal or casual. These are available in different colours and designs.
  • Collar necklace- these are usually made of pearls gemstones and beads. They are also available in plain stands of silver or gold. This necklace goes well with an off-the-shoulder outfit.
  • Lariat necklace- These are also called lasso necklace. They are scarf like neckpiece that wraps around the neck with a hanging. This will make you look elegant.
  • Torque necklace- These are unique and are usually spherical. This is very chic and attractive. It goes well with all the outfits and makes you the centre of attraction.
  • Tassel necklace- These are very popular these days and enables you to achieve a bold look. They are made with various materials and are available in different size and colours.

So, shop, wear and shine at the wedding gaining everybody’s attention!