What Skills Will You Learn By Studying For An Online Degree?

Online degrees continue to grow in popularity. More and more students have realized that they don’t need to travel from home or spend excessively on a bricks-and-mortar college to get their qualifications. Online study is an excellent alternative, and it teaches more than just a subject area. You’ll come away with a range of life skills that are applicable outside the classroom.


Without the buzz of the campus environment or the motivation from other students, you’ll need to generate your own drive. On an online course like the Merrimack College Bachelor Degree Completion Program, nobody will be there to tell you to hurry or to work harder. That all falls on you. Keeping your end goal in mind can help with self-motivation, as can a well-constructed timetable, but you will always have total control over your destiny. Being able to pick yourself up when you’re tired or feeling demotivated is one of the most important life skills. Employers are highly valued too, and nearly essential if you plan to start your own business.


Online degrees are highly flexible, but that doesn’t mean that time pressures don’t exist. You’ll need to find a way to fit your studies around your career, family, and social life. That’s no mean feat without a college scheduling lectures and seminars on your behalf. Instead, you’ll need to construct a realistic timetable, factors in breaks but still delivers on the promise of your degree in the allotted period. Having the self-discipline to stick to your own timetable is another important skill that will serve you well through life. There aren’t many jobs that tolerate tardiness, and even being able to maintain a busy social calendar has its advantages.


From the previous point, all the schedules in the world are useless if you don’t have the self-discipline to stick to them. The chances are that you will have to turn down social invites and other opportunities as you strive to complete your degree. Instead, focus on your goals, what motivates you, and try to remain focused on the task at hand. Of course, this can be difficult, but maintaining consistent self-discipline makes you well set to advance your career when the degree has ended. Of course, self-discipline applies to resisting the urge to scroll through your newsfeed, too, so put that smartphone to one side!

Communication skills

It might sound counterintuitive, but remote learning isn’t anywhere near as “remote”as you might expect. Many courses maintain active video discussions between students, and you’ll always be able to contact professors via email. That’s where effective communication comes in. Learning to discuss academic points as part of a healthy debate is a skill that only improves with practice. Even the simple art of phrasing a question helps with communication skills. Far from keeping you isolated, an online degree puts you at the heart of a network of like-minded students. Communicating between them will give you all the skills you need to succeed in the world post-degree.