Best Smart TV in India: Expectations vs Reality

A few years ago, people were living in the era of Box TV. After all the evolution happened from small screen TV to QLED TV, still the obsession of buying television didn’t stop.

When technology in TV is getting smarter, the abundance of performance, specs, price, operating system, quality, is becoming high. Because of this reason, the best Smart TVs in India have their first impression and outreach faster in the communities.

Like Smart Phone, television is also integrated with high-end technology and satisfying people’s needs. It is one of the popular devices, that many people wish to have in their homes.

Before buying, we should know about television buying guidelines, and what are the main aspects when it comes to choosing the best QLED TVs in India.

1. Performance: Smart TV vs Android TV

People may get confused when it comes to identifying the difference between Smart TV and Android LED Television. It sounds similar but there is some minor difference in terms of performance, features, specs, operating system, applications, connections, and many more. Talking about it networks, both need internet connectivity

Android LED TV is also known as QLED TV but it is integrated with android operating systems. LED TV doesn’t have many features when compared to Android Television. But in QLED TV there is a limited set of apps. Overall we can say it is a user-friendly device.

Android QLED Television is similar to your Android Smartphone. Like how you connect to the internet. You can browsing fast-loading content, downloading apps from Play Store, Google assistance, rich library, software updates, etc.

2. Work: Which is better Android TV vs PC?

Nowadays Android TV is becoming popular for its vast number of features. It is integrated with high-end technology where you can perform coding, attend video conferencing, like how you doing with your PC. The Smart TV comes with advanced features for work such as presentation, product demos, conferences, testing as well as entertainment purposes too.

3. Games: Android TV vs Smart TV

Android Television has come up with new exceptional technology. Many brands of Smart TV are not integrated android OS and there is a limited set of apps available on LED TV. But on Android TV you can download any games from the play store. Android TV is almost similar to your android phone. One can use a joystick or a pair of keyboards and mouse to start enjoying high-end games like PUBG, and Call of duty. So we conclude Android TVs have greater capabilities and resources for games rather than any other TV.

4. Operating System: Android TV OS vs Android Open Source Platform

Android LED TV OS is specially built for televisions. People are likely to prefer watching online series and other content only on official Android QLED TV. Whereas in the Android open-source platform, the OS is compatible with just not television but on any other Android device. Based on the hardware configuration. Since AOSP is open source, one is not limited to watch online content but also can download on-demand Android apps and games from the Google Play store.

Can also be used as a presentation and conference device, AOSP TVs are built and test android applications, and many more.

5. Smart TV Security – what you should remember?

When comes to SmartPhone, it is a portable device and you can take it anywhere. Smart TV is not a portable device, it’s like your PC. With all high-end technology like security, internet connection, play store, games, ethernet port, and many more. People often get confused about security risks on QLED TV.

Don’t worry, LED TV also has a privacy settings option given and is well-designed user-friendly like your smartphone. It is more important to understand those settings options, that your Smart TV provides and more you can protect from risks.

6. Electricity: Lighting vs Smart TV

Direct Lightning or surge can damage any electronics. When you planning to buy a new best Smart TV, it is important to get to know the capability of the TV to withstand up to what extent of a power surge. Not all brand LED TV has come up with high lighting protection. There is one brand called Ridaex, it is manufacturing 4K best Smart TV along
with power fused cord, this will protect your TV from high voltage lightning strikes and damages.

7. Camera: Android TV vs Android phone

Cameras in android phones are with better megapixel and better picture quality while the cameras in android TV’s only serves for online education and meeting purpose. Even though they are with better picture quality, they are only used for limited purposes. Buying TV is not an easy task for many middle-class families. Even though it comes with the best affordable price. There is numerous amount of best Smart TV available in the market. Choose according to your requirements and what is important to you. The Idea of buying the best Smart TVs in India completely depends on user demands. So make sure all

your essentials of buying this idiot box are written down and evaluated.