What Experts Say About the Best Derma Roller For Hair?

Growing age brings a lot of changes to your skin. You are likely to suffer from wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. Some people also look to enhance the radiance of their skin and look young. Microneedling is the best treatment available for you to treat acne scars, wrinkles, and brighten your skin naturally. 

You may be frustrated to run the best dermaroller for hair growth. It is a device that comprises 192 medical-grade needles for micro-needling on your scalp and face. It is safe to use at home to get rid of acne and surgical scars. You need not worry about any side effects of this process. Even dermatologists agree that micro-needling using dermarollers increases the production of collagen. Improved collagen improves the appearance of your skin.

Working with dermarollers to promote hair growth

When you roll a dermaroller on your scars and scalp it makes tiny holes. It promotes the secretion of collagen. It heals the scars on your neck, face, and other areas of skin. It also stimulates hair growth. According to medical experts, collagen provides firmness, suppleness, strength, and elasticity to your skin. Collagen also stimulates your lymphatic system to achieve radiant skin. It also reduces puffiness. According to renowned dermatologists in New York, micro-needling has been in use for several centuries.

Micro-needling using dermarollers prevents and reduces the visibility of fine lines on the chest, neck, and face. It also stimulates hair growth and diminishes stretch marks. Dermaroller is the best tool to eliminate dark spots and acne scars. They are fitted with 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 mm needles. You can make use of  dermarollers with 1.0 mm needles to stimulate hair growth.

How to stimulate hair growth using a dermaroller?

You need to wash the needles before the micro-needling process on your scalp. You can also apply isopropyl alcohol to disinfect it before use. It is necessary to inspect the needles on the dermaroller for rust. The needles should not be bent or broken. Thin needles on the dermaroller make micro-needling less invasive and effective to stimulate hair growth.

It is suggested to apply numbing cream on your scalp 45 minutes before micro-needling. You need to roll on your scalp using a high-quality dermaroller to stimulate hair growth in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. You can also apply micro-needling to stimulate the growth of your beard. Four to six micro-needling sessions with an interval of 6 weeks are recommended for best results.

It is advised to apply antibacterial cream on your scalp and face after each session. It prevents infections or any untoward incidents. A little training is necessary to carry out this process at home. You can also seek the help of a trained dermatologist to use the best dermaroller for hair growth.

Purchase of a dermaroller

People, who are looking for natural ways to regrow hair on their baldhead, can purchase dermaroller from an online store. It comes in a sealed package for ready use. However, you need to clean it using isopropyl alcohol after every use. Online stores also provide discounts.