Why Should Call Plumber Immediately For A Burst Pipe At Home

Frozen pipes bursting during the winter months can easily turn into a nightmare and there may be a number of other possible reasons behind a pipe burst. But whatever be the reason it must be taken care of immediately before the situation goes out of hand and calling a professional plumbing service is certainly the wisest thing to do. But they will also require some time to arrive and here are a few things that you should be doing to prevent loss of water and also to save your household items and appliances from getting damaged by water.

  • The first thing you should be doing is to give your Plumbers Roseberry an urgent call and ask them to come as soon as possible.
  • Then quickly find the valve for main water supply and turn the valve off. Maximum chance is that you will find it in the basement. If you find that it is seized and you cannot turn it off, leave that for better without forcing it to further damages.
  • Turn on all the taps in your home and let the water drain out. You can simply put it like this, if there is no water left in the system, there will be no leakage and you can actually save a few things from getting damaged.
  • Collect the water from the burst pipe in a container, if possible, to stop water from spilling out everywhere.
  • Switch of the electrical main switch and stay from electrical appliances those have been exposed to the water and are wet
  • Start drying up the floor and hopefully your plumber will be arriving by this time.

Burst pipes can really ruin a day and can easily turn into an emergency is the leak is big enough to cause serious problems. The problem is more frequent during freezing weather conditions and property owners will do better to take some steps ahead of time so that a mishap can be prevented. Consider these following precautionary steps during winter months and you can certainly minimize the chance of a pipe burst by a certain degree.

  • Take seasonal maintenance tasks like winterizing the pipes by insulating their exposed areas.
  • Detach the garden hoses and keep the outdoor faucets covered
  • Keep your eyes open for frozen pipes and whenever you find one, take necessary steps immediately.
  • Cut off water supply to the frozen area and then use a space heater or a hair dryer for defrosting.
  • You should never be using any open flame for this purpose as it may create some hazard and also damage the pipes permanently.

Burst pipes are something that every house owner wants to avoid at all costs and still cannot fully avoid it. Whenever a situation like that arise and whatever may be reason for that contacting experts is really important and you can be fully assured that those trained and experienced plumbers will find the leakage in no time and solve the problem to your complete satisfaction.