Indian groups honor bravehearts in first ever Ladakh Music Fest in Leh-See pics

Driving groups of the nation including ‘Indian Ocean’, ‘Tetseo Sisters Nagaland’, ‘Parashra Band’ and ‘Joi Barua Band’ partook in this honorable objective alongside six neighborhood groups from Leh.

Leh: Leh finished up its very first Ladakh International Music Festival on Monday (May 2). The occasion directed for three days from April 30 to May 2 saw authentic exhibitions of Local and Contemporary Bands. The occasion was pointed toward honoring legends who set out their lives for the country as additionally to exhibit neighborhood ability and music as a feature of ‘Youth Empowerment’.

The occasion was coordinated at Col Sonam Wangchuk Stadium, Leh by two media houses, ‘Picture Time’ and ‘Sky2Ocean’ with help from Fire and Fury Corps and Ministry of Culture and Tourism Department of UT of Ladakh.

Driving groups of the nation including ‘Indian Ocean’, ‘Tetseo Sisters Nagaland’, ‘Parashra Band’ and ‘Joi Barua Band’ took an interest in this respectable goal alongside six nearby groups from Leh.

The occasion gave a stage to the neighborhood groups to partake alongside the contemporary artists from the remainder of the country.

Notwithstanding the main groups, Bollywood big names Darshan Kumar and Richa Chadha likewise went to the occasion. The occasion saw a mind-boggling reaction from local people, sightseers as well as media houses and was an excellent achievement.

To honor the Bravehearts who set out their lives in the safeguard of Ladakh, a new metaverse prepared tune made by Joi Barua is additionally intended to be delivered at Rezangla War Memorial on 04 May 22.

As a component of the general occasion, a Bike Rally was additionally hailed off from Leh War Memorial to Rezangla War Memorial on May 3, 2022.

The meeting including 24 bikers from Indian Army, Ladakh Police and Jawa Motors will navigate 457 Km to Rezangla and back to Leh will go through the absolute most aloof territory as an accolade for the Bravehearts of Ladakh.

An immense horde of center of Leh locale partook in the capacity and apricated the occasion. Local people said this main not cause us to recall our Bravehearts yet in addition will help the travel industry of the area.