Border Security Force Shoots Down Pakistani Drone Carrying 10 Kg Heroin

BSF Troops terminated at a robot coming from Pakistan and brought it down in Punjab. The BSF seized around 10 kg of Heroin.

Chandigarh, Punjab: The Border Security Force or BSF troopers today thwarted one more carrying endeavor by a Pakistani robot, said BSF Punjab Frontier.

The BSF troops terminated at the robot coming from Pakistan and cut it down. The robot was conveying 10 kilograms of Heroin, added the Border Security Force.

“Recently around 11:15 pm, our troopers heard the murmuring of a robot flying over the wall and discharged 9 shots toward the flying article,” said Amritsar BSF DIG Bhupender Singh.

“During the pursuit, we recuperated a hexacopter drone and seized around 10 kg of heroin. The robot was coming from the Pakistan side,” he added.

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