Why Choose a Bosch Cordless Drill?

Bosch – A Leading Powerhouse of Research and Technology

Bosch is a reputable name when it comes to power products that are formulated after thorough research and utilization of the best in technological advancements. The secret of Bosch’s inventions lie in the emphasis placed on advance engineering and corporate research. Their state-of-the-art developments range from automotive equipment to power tools and from solar systems to navigation and monitoring systems.

Powerful yet Light

Whether you belong to the construction industry or require tools for simple home maintenance and repairs, Bosch cordless drills are power-packed, sturdy tools that you can easily rely on. Bosch is a trusted name in the world of power tools and continues to satisfy its customers with its excellent service and product quality. With a wide variety of styles offering different degrees of performance, Bosch’s range of drills suit every project. When you are building a shed or a swing, high powered Bosch drills will ease the task and get it done quickly. Smaller Bosch models of a can be used for occasional drilling chores around the house. All you need to compare models, prices and features to get a Bosch cordless drill of your choice.

Why choose a Bosch Drill?

The range of Bosch cordless drills is built using the industry’s most advanced lithium-ion technology that guarantees a higher battery life and more run time. It is best to have such excellent performance on a light weight power tool from Bosch. A Bosch cordless tool is different from other cordless drills because Bosch never compromises on quality and is extremely durable. If for some reason or the other, your Bosch cordless drill is compromised, you can purchase original replacement parts from Bosch itself so that your power tool continues to offer high performance. Moreover, Bosch power tools come in all price ranges and can suit any budget.

How to Choose a Bosch Cordless Drill According To Your Need?

Bosch drills are available in a variety of sizes and features to suit different purposes. When choosing a drill you need to consider a drill that you are comfortable in handling in your woodworking projects. You need to consider batteries that are available from 9.6V all the way up till 36 V along with the mAh rating. For occasional drills and medium usage, 12V and 18V drills are sufficient. You should check out the following 18V Bosch drills such as Bosch DDH181-01 and Bosch HDS181-02. Stronger batteries such as 24V mean high power drills that are considerably heavy-weighted and are suitable for heavy uses. Moreover, a higher mAh rating means that the cordless drill will hold the charge for a longer period of time.

When you are looking for a Bosch Drill suitable for normal household use, then the Bosch PS30-2A Drill is the best drill that you can use. If you are working in compact spaces, the Bosch 36618-02 is a great drill that has excellent torque.