The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2020

The craze for video games will never go away. Even in the wake of a deadly virus, the popularity of video games continues to surge. We hold the year 2020 very dear for the realm of gaming. We couldn’t have guessed a remake of the 90’s classic Resident Evil 3 and we got it. Same goes for the Final Fantasy series and Doom Eternal. Even the Animal Crossing series launched a new game in March. There’s a game type for every gamer worldwide.

However, several AAA titles are yet to be released. So if you have started a game then we don’t want you to leave it halfway. Try finishing it ASAP so you can get your hands on the following game titles!

The Last of Us Part II

The enigma of the Cordyceps fungus is yet to be unveiled. The trailer of Last of Us Part II suggests the story primarily revolves around Ellie and the whereabouts of Joel aren’t known, just yet. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hindered in the game’s release, the official release date has been pushed to May 29, 2020, which isn’t too far! Until then play Last of Us once again to prepare yourself for what’s to come in the sequel.

Cyberpunk 2077

One can never get enough of cyberistic dystopian games and the hype that hurls around Cyberpunk 2077 proves the same. We saw the release of the game’s teaser a good 7 years ago and the game is now crawling toward its official launch. We had a few surprises in the E3 2018 event where Keanu Reeves was revealed as a cast member in the game. September 17, 2020 is the release date. Mark your calendars!

Ghost of Tsushima

With the PlayStation 5 in the works, there will be many PlayStation exclusive titles coming up and Ghost of Tsushima is one. Sucker Punch is known for its infamous video game series, Infamous. However, Ghost of Tsushima’s trailer displays a game that holds zero similarity to the Infamous series. It clearly shows that Sucker Punch is looking to experiment with a different gameplay mechanism and style. The game is announced to see its launch on June 26, 2020.

Dying Light 2

The year won’t be complete without some horror survival games. Although Dying Light 2 doesn’t have any official release date, it has been greenlit for a 2020 launch. Techland has focused on tweaking the game’s story, gameplay and the overall in-game experience so no loopholes are left open. Have a great time shooting up those zombies for survival!

Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs took the gaming realm by storm in 2014. The game holds the same popularity at present but a potential release of a sequel in 2020 wasn’t expected by anyone. The game will not be set in London and you can swap between characters. There’s no lead character to put all your focus on. Not many story-based games come with this feature so it’s quite a gamble from Ubisoft’s side. Hopefully it will work in their favor!

You would require an internet connection for some of these games to play the multiplayer modes. What we can suggest is getting a stable internet connection that doesn’t die out on you when you’re trying out your new game with your friends. No one would want that, right? You can consider taking a look at WOW Internet help and see if any internet plan befits your multiplayer gaming requirements. If you believe your current internet connection would suffice then run a quick speed test so that no issues arise later on.

Game away!

We will get the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X hopefully by the end of 2020. No wonder so many AAA titles are popping up, eh? We got the Final Fantasy 7 remake and Resident Evil 3 got a makeover. However, 2020 hasn’t ended yet. There are quite a few remakes and console-exclusive games that will launch anytime soon. So keep an eye out for them!