Best Business Opportunities to Start in Singapore This Year

Singapore is well-known for its development in infrastructure and economy. This should be the country to invest in for those thinking of starting or continuing with their businesses. Furthermore, it is advised to undertake some research to know what people in Singapore want and need.

With this in mind, you can cater to their needs by starting a relevant business. Starting a company and managing it can sometimes be expensive, but with enough knowledge and experience, you are good to go. Below are the best business opportunities to start in Singapore this year.


With the growth of restaurants and food outlets, Singapore has an overwhelming demand for agricultural products. This sector does not have a lot of competition because most people are unaware of the opportunity. There is only 0.87 percentage of land area devoted to agriculture, and that’s why venturing into vertical farming may be a good start.


Transportation is among the most important infrastructure in a country. Therefore, starting a transport business in Singapore may not be a bad idea. The state is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Tourists arriving daily need means of transport to get to their destination. The transportation business depends mainly on the capital. You can start with a taxi, then you re-invest, and eventually venture into inter-city transport service.

Tour Guide Service

For the past few decades, Singapore has shown rapid growth in its economy and infrastructure, therefore making it an apple of the eye for most foreign investors. Foreign investors and the many holidaymakers will need someone to show them around the country, which makes tour guide business a lucrative opportunity. When planning to come to Singapore for work, it is prudent to visit this page to learn more about the work permits and how to get one.


In 2016, Singapore was declared the second most innovative country in biotechnology. With that in mind, it is clear that the biotechnology business will automatically be successful in this country. Let’s go further, the government of Singapore is actively involved in providing financial support to all biotechnology firms. Therefore, investing in this kind of business will eventually open gates for investors. One does not need to worry about the capital all you need to have is the knowledge in the sector and a viable business plan.

Fast Foods and Snacks

Fast foods are well-known all over Singapore. However, some people prefer eating at restaurants, which may end up being expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget. Singapore is a country full of food culture and there is a lot to explore in the food and snack sector. When walking around the streets, you will notice food being sold everywhere. Come to think of it, this business requires little capital and formal academic certifications, which makes it suitable for anyone to start.


When you decide to start a business, it’s best if you consider the capital and nature of the business. Businesses can become challenging at first, but if you continue motivating yourself, you will eventually succeed.