Why Playwright is Better Than Cypress?

In the current market for mobile app testing, there are numerous cross-browser testing tools available to users like Playwright, Cypress, and numerous others. However, when it comes to selecting the best platform for your app can be a daunting task for many of you. When we talk about Cypress and Playwright’s automated testing they are proven to be superior choices over Selenium when it comes to automated testing and enables development teams to effectively test their products in accordance with their needs for their products.

If you’re a company leader who is confused about the right cross-browsing test solution for your company this blog is ideal for you.

What is Playwright?

Microsoft Playwright is a growing trend in cross-browser testing solutions. It was designed by the same team that introduced you to Puppeteer.

Playwright is a tool that can be utilized in different ways, just like Puppeteer however, Playwright offers more capabilities for Chrome, WebKit and Firefox browsers as compared to Puppeteer.

Playwright is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. It also is compatible with Jest, Mocha and Jasmine CI servers through one API. A playwright is able to support cross-language features including TypeScript, JavaScript and Python.

Playwright also has these additional capabilities:

  1. Mobile Safari enables native mobile emulation with Google Chrome for Android.
  2. Mobile rendering engines that works with desktop and cloud
  3. Auto-wait, Web first assertions and trace.
  4. To aid in making mocking and stabbing requests to network or intercepting network activities.
  5. The input of the native mouse and keyboard
  6. Upload and download files.

Playwright’s automated testing allows you have access to other features that make it a great option for developers and testers seeking a JavaScript-based framework that can be used to create mobile and web-based apps.

What is Cypress?

Cypress is a test on the web automation tool that is quickly growing, and can be compared to Selenium to become the world’s most widely used web-based automation platform. 

Cypress is an all-in-one framework that facilitates testing from conception to execution. It is highly appreciated by front-end developers as well as testers for its capability to enable them to develop automated web tests using JavaScript.

Cypress 10 has been launched. It comes with additional features such as component testing along with a migration assistant, as well as the latest UX/UI experience. It is a popular tool for testing.

Other Capabilities Include:

i) Time travel (or real-time debugging of applications)

ii) Test APIs, network controls and testing

iii) Innovative components testing, mocking or stubbing.

iv) AXE accessibility and additional plugins

v) Other features have been added in the Cypress 10 update.

Cypress is today a reliable JavaScript-based Web testing system for engineers, developers, and testers.

Playwright Vs. Cypress: Why Playwright Stands To be Better?

While both platforms are built to test the entire process, Cypress and Playwright approach the testing process in different ways. Cypress is often described as a “package offer” as opposed to Playwright. 

Cypress creates a folder system that contains sample files. However, testers have to stay within the limitations of existing test testers.

A playwright is, however, is not able to create files. You are able to select the test framework for running. A playwright is compatible with multiple browsers and is more flexible than Cypress.

The software used to build each test solution is a significant difference. Cypress is popular for its ability to simplify JavaScript testing, whereas Playwright is able to support various languages which include JavaScript along with JavaScript. 

Cypress can also be used on Mocha, Jest, and Jasmine and Playwright offers test-runner frameworks that support JavaScript, Python, and JavaScript.

The best option among Playwright as well as Cypress testing will be determined by your particular requirements for your application as well as the level of flexibility you will require for your test in an automated manner.


The final choice of the best cross-platform testing solution to choose comes down to the features most relevant to your application, and the test methodology that is most suitable for your product.

Playwright against. Cypress and Selenium are evaluated in relation to the importance you place on the experience you get from testing. While Playwright is a newer service, it is a an incredibly fast and smooth testing experience which is compatible with the current web.

Cypress is a JavaScript-based application provides testing for developers. It is an a great supplement to Selenium.

Lambdatest works perfectly with whatever platform you select, Playwright or Cypress. It is a continuous source of assistance and tests, in addition to all-inclusive support.

Lambdatest allows testers and developers to develop high-quality apps in a short time.

  • Test coverage increased
  • Parallel testing speeds up testing and faster test execution.
  • Automation of tests that’s automated, reliable and expandable.
  • Continuous test security testing Functional testing, and much more.

It’s now your turn to select the right cross-platform to run your application and speed up the growth of your business.